What happened
Pop icon Michael Jackson showed up in public recently in a wheelchair wearing pajamas, a surgeon’s mask, a dreadlocked wig, a baseball cap, and sunglasses, raising fresh questions about his physical and mental health. The singer was visiting a toy and bookstore with his three children near his home in Las Vegas.

What the commentators said
Jackson’s latest “bizarre” public appearance “sparked new fears for his health,” said Rupert Neate in the Telegraph. But the timing is perfect to coincide with the run-up to his new double album, King of Pop, which is coming out on August 29.

Jackson reportedly uses a wheelchair whenever he feels too weak to walk, said the blog InEntertainment. The King of Pop's “music is still going strong,” and there is “huge interest” in his “comeback.” But you have to wonder if he has the strength to "pull it off."

Every pop star knows you "have to reinvent yourself every so often” to survive in show business, said Richard Simpson in the Mail Online. But what Jackson “thinks this look will do for his career is anyone’s guess.” And if he really wants to hide his true identity, maybe next time he should skip the get-up and ditch his “eight-strong security team.”