Robert Mugabe’s brutal regime in Zimbabwe will have a hard time printing new currency to keep up with the country’s 1 million percent yearly inflation. Giesecke & Devrient, a German banknote firm, has bowed to German government pressure and stopped shipping blank banknotes to Zimbabwe.
The Wall Street Journal

Gasoline is so precious that prostitutes are now accepting it as payment. Kentucky police say Kenneth Nowak paid for a tryst with prostitute Angela Eversole with a $100 gas card, among “other gifts.”
New York Post

Both Barack Obama and John McCain are left-handed, meaning that no matter who is elected president in November, six of the last 12 commanders in chief will have been southpaws. Only one person in 10 in the general population is left-handed.
The Washington Post

A new survey found that 18 percent of cell phone users type text messages while driving, despite mounting evidence that it leads to accidents and fatalities. Nearly 600 young people have joined a Facebook group called “I Text Message People While Driving And I Haven’t Crashed Yet!”

The average American spends over $100 more a year on footwear than on vegetables.
The Washington Post