My Morning Jacket
Evil Urges


There’s no easy way to describe Evil Urges, let alone My Morning Jacket,
said Ann Powers in the Los Angeles Times. For the past decade, the Kentucky-bred band has been slapped with a number of labels: “country crooners,” Southern rock revivalists, psych/prog band. MMJ has brushed them all off, refusing to be consigned to a single genre, and, in doing so, has become a musical dynamo both on stage and in the studio. Evil Urges, its fifth studio album, shows a band completely comfortable with its shifting sonic identity. From the anthemic “I’m Amazed” to the guitar heroics of “Aluminum Park,” the band sifts seamlessly through styles. But rather than get lost in a “cloud of influences,” frontman Jim James hones each song “into a strong statement” with his matchless tenor. He’s always been the band’s “most appealing component,” said Eric Harvey in His boundless falsetto ...