Good week for:

Last laughs, after Frederic J. Baur of Cincinnati, the deceased designer of the Pringles potato chip can, had his cremated remains buried in one of his tubular inventions.

Giving up smoking,
after new taxes increased the price of a pack of cigarettes in New York City to more than $10.

Driving really, really slowly, after 101-year-old Lillian Cox of Florida got her driver’s license renewed for three more years.

Bad week for:

Spell-check, after several Pennsylvania high school students had their last names changed in their yearbook by an automatic computer program. Alessandra Ippolito was listed as Alexandria Impolite, while Max Zupanovic was rechristened Max Supernova. Kathy Carbaugh’s photo appeared next to the name Kathy Airbag.

Mooning, after a 21-year-old Dutch man who flattened his bare buttocks against a restaurant window pressed too hard, shattering the glass. He was hospitalized with multiple posterior wounds.

Sharon Stone, who was banned from the Shanghai Inter­national Film Festival after she said China’s recent earthquake, which killed 70,000 people, was karmic payback for its oppression of Tibet. “Looking at it on the tape,” Stone later said of her remarks, “I look like a complete ding-dong.”