Colleen Carroll Campbell
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

It’s a subject that makes pro-choice activists squirm, said Colleen Carroll Campbell, but the “chilling reality” is that millions of girls have been aborted for one simple reason: They’re not boys. The preference of many traditional cultures for male offspring has combined with modern medical technology to produce a veritable Holocaust for unborn girls. In India, up to a half-million female fetuses a year are aborted because of their gender, according to the Lancet, a British medical journal. In China, the “brutally enforced one-child policy” has produced a national ratio of 117 boys born for every 100 girls, far out of line with the naturally occurring ratio of 105 boys to every 100 girls. Birth statistics strongly indicate that sex-selective abortion is occurring in the U.S., too, especially in Chinese, Korean, and Asian-Indian households. Yet U.S. feminists “have remained silent in the face of this modern atrocity.” How horribly ironic. “The abortion license touted as the key to liberating future generations of women” has instead “become the preferred means of eradicating them.”