Kim Cattrall spent years looking for a man who could truly satisfy her, says Garth Pearce in the London Times. “Good sex has to be combined with a relationship of equals,” explains Cattrall, who plays Sex and the City’s sexually voracious Samantha. “I’d been searching for good sex, but always ended up having to take care of myself. I presumed that would always be the case.” Cattrall says she went through many partners before finding one—Mark Levinson, her third husband—who finally gave her a fulfilling sex life. But in the end that wasn’t enough, and they divorced. “It has nothing to do with size or being able to do it five times a night. It’s just a matter of knowing what a woman wants and needs.” Cattrall eventually hooked up with Canadian chef Alan Wyse, who for three years now has sated her both physically and emotionally. The fact that she’s 51 and he’s 29 has not been an issue. In fact, she says, the age gap has its advantages. “He accepts that I have a job and another life, which is what older men find so hard to deal with,” she says. “Please don’t call him a ‘boy toy.’ He’s probably the most mature man I have met.”