Stevie Nicks sure got around, says Sylvie Simmons in Q. Over the years, the sultry singer dated not one but two members of the Eagles—Don Henley in the mid-1970s and Joe Walsh in the mid-1980s. She still considers Walsh the love of her life. “When Joe and I broke up, I was very devastated for a long, long time.” She also was famously involved with her fellow Fleetwood Mac member, singer/guitarist Lindsey Buckingham. “When I die, I will remember that of all the men in my life Lindsey, absolutely bar none, was the man who loved me the most.” But they broke up, and in 1977, Nicks had a passionate, one-month fling with the band’s drummer, Mick Fleetwood—even though he was married and Nicks was seeing someone else. “What a dumb-ass thing it was,” she now acknowledges. “It should never have happened.” Now that Nicks is turning 60, she said, men aren’t as much of a priority. “What would I do? Go to a club and sit around and hope that I meet a 60-year-old guy? No. But that being said, I’m not a recluse. I have had many, many relationships. I get to flirt with thousands of men every time I go onstage. So it’s like, I don’t feel lonely.”