The Food and Drug Administration is launching a new investigation into the side effects of Lasik, the laser eye surgery already undergone by almost 8 million Americans. Officials heard testimony from a number of patients who reported adverse effects from the surgery. Some said their eyes were painfully dry or that they experienced bursts of color or ghostly shapes in their vision. Others complained that the surgery gave them vision so poor that they could no longer drive or watch movies. Such adverse responses to the surgery are rare, but they do occur. While less than 1 percent of patients report serious side effects, up to 5 percent are generally dissatisfied with surgery results, FDA spokesman Dr. Daniel Schultz tells the Baltimore Sun. “Frankly, some of the marketing that has been done with respect to Lasik makes it sound like you go to the grocery store and you come out and see perfectly. That’s not good,” Schultz says. “This is real surgery.”