What happened
Karl Giberson's new book, Saving Darwin: How to Be a Christian and Believe in Evolution, reopens the old debate between religious doctrine and scientific theory—and claims that both are true. Giberson, a professor of physics at Eastern Nazarene College, and director of the Forum on Faith and Science at Gordon College, believes that evolution and creationism can coexist.

What the commentators said
"Many scientists today are locked in an unending match of whack-a-mole with Christian creationists," said Vincent Rossmeier in Salon. Giberson "seeks a middle way." But it requires atheists to stop being so dogmatic, and creationists to stop reading Genesis as literally as if it were a history book.

Giberson gives the impression that he wishes intelligent design were true, said biologist Paul Myers on Scienceblogs' Pharyngula blog, but can't shake the belief that it is a betrayal of scientific principles. But by that logic, Giberson should be an atheist. Instead, he's making "woolly headed" apologies for creationism.

"The curious thing about the book is that Giberson actually says very little about how to be both a Christian and an evolutionist," said mathematician Jason Rosenhouse on Scienceblogs' EvolutionBlog. Most of the book covers "the standard topics in this area ... It will be old hat for people steeped in this issue." But he does it well, so it's a good read for Creationism vs. Evolution 101.