What happened
Eating a poor diet while pregnant may cause long-term health problems and damage for the child, a study of rats suggests. The researchers, at the Royal Veterinary College and London's Wellcome Trust, found that, even if the child switches to a healthy diet, the damage is already done and the child is at risk for obesity and diabetes. (BBC)

What the commentators said
This is a "classic case of stating the bleeding obvious," said the Raising Kids blog. But there's no harm in driving home the point—a mother's diet has direct effects on her child's health, and these effects persist into adulthood.

Of course this is not new knowledge, said the food and health site We Like It Raw, "but for the medical institution this is pretty big." Most researches and doctors still have a hard time understanding that food effects people in general." So this study "blows the concept that 'food doesn't matter' out of the window."

Knowing what's best is one thing, said Kerry Ann Foster in Nourished Magazine. But preparing nutritious food that kids will actually eat is a parent's greatest challenge in this "fast-paced, fast-food world." The first step is "to tame the sugar monster."