Uwe Boll is often called the world’s worst director, says John Schwartz in The New York Times. The 42-year-old German specializes in movies based on videogames, generally suffused with grotesque sadism and violence. His latest film, Postal, may be his most depraved work yet. One scene depicts leading man Zack Ward using a cat for a gun silencer; in another, dwarf actor Verne “Mini-Me” Troyer gets raped by a roomful of chimpanzees. Boll himself plays what he matter-of-factly calls “a Bavarian Nazi retard.” This sort of material has earned him scathing reviews and a fervent community of detractors on the Internet. One website, StopUweBoll.org, started an online petition demanding that he stop making movies. It had gathered some 18,000 names by April. Boll then said he would quit the business if a million people signed, and within weeks, over 250,000 more did just that. Boll professes to be baffled by his infamy. “Is it that the movies are all so bad?” he asks. “Something is not fitting together in the story, that I’m the worst of the worst.” Boll says his movies have kicked up far more fuss than they, or any film, deserve. “I don’t make political decisions that can destroy the earth,” he says. “I make movies.