An average of 1,800 U.S. veterans die each day, a pace that is expected to make 2008 a peak year for veteran deaths. Although many World War II veterans are dying, so are an increased number of Korean War and Vietnam War veterans. Some 686,000 veterans died in 2007.
Associated Press

Seventy-six percent of American commuters drive alone to work.
USA Today

In one indication of the peculiarity of the Democratic primary fight, keeps track of six versions of the popular vote count, including the vote of the sanctioned contests, the sanctioned contests plus estimated totals from several caucuses, and the sanctioned vote plus Florida and Michigan.
The Philadelphia Inquirer

About 16 percent of high school biology teachers in the U.S. are creationists, a study of 2,000 teachers found. Despite a court-ordered ban on teaching creationism and “intelligent design” in science classes, more than half of these teachers say they do instruct students that it’s a valid alternative to Darwin’s theory of evolution.
New Scientist

Only about one-third of 16- to 19-year-olds will hold summer jobs this year. Many of the low-paying retailing and service jobs that teens used to hold are unavailable because of the slumping economy, and most affluent college students simply refuse to spend the summer at Dairy Queen or doing clerical work.
The New York Times