Good week for:

Singing ‘If I Had a Hammer’ in Martian, after the director of the Vatican Observatory said belief in extraterrestrial life does not contradict faith in God. “Just as we consider earthly creatures as ‘a brother’ and ‘sister,’ why should we not talk about an ‘extraterrestrial brother?’” said the Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes.

Kids in Clara City, Minn., where the school district announced plans to cancel all Monday classes and go to a four-day school week next year to save money.

Riding bareback, after men and women roped steers, wrestled cattle, and put hot-pink undies on an uncooperative goat at Philadelphia’s first gay rodeo. “This proves that we are normal,” said Jen Vrana, president of the Liberty Gay Rodeo Association.

Bad week for:

Jaws, after an Australian swimmer fought off a great white shark that was chewing on his leg by ramming his finger in its eye.

Coming clean, after a Tennessee man undergoing a security check at a courthouse pulled from his pockets a bag of marijuana and some rolling papers. He was promptly arrested.

JetBlue, which is being sued for $2 million by a New York man who says he was ordered to give up his seat to a flight attendant and sit on a toilet through most of a flight from San Diego to New York. Gokhan Mutlu says being “imprisoned” in the bathroom for hours left him “disgraced, degraded, and shocked beyond belief.”