My Blueberry Nights
Directed by Wong Kar Wai (PG-13)

A heartbroken woman hits the road to find solace.


The “cool and cerebral” My Blueberry Nights won’t fare well outside the art house, said Kirk Honeycutt in The Hollywood Reporter. Acclaimed director Wong Kar Wai brings his renowned poetic vision to his first English-language feature, but it fails to translate. Norah Jones, in her screen debut, plays a woman who sets out on a road trip to cure her heartache. The film plays like one of her lovelorn ballads, “a melancholy torch song in three-part harmony,” as Jones leaves New York for Memphis and then Las Vegas before returning home. Her “road to romantic recovery, is meandering, far-flung, and thousands of miles long,” said Carina Chocano in the Los Angeles Times. It’s never a dull ride, however, thanks to Wong’s “signature lyrical gorgeousness” and a heavy-hearted soundtrack by Cat Power. Wong clearly isn’t aiming for realism, said A.O. Scott in The New York Times. The picturesque scenery has the “inauthentic glow of rental-car advertisements,” existing only to create atmosphere or invoke emotion. As the title perhaps implies, the film is a confection that leaves you “filled-up, sugar-addled, but not really satisfied.”