Europeans are flocking to America this summer, said Germany’s Nürnberger Nachrichten in an editorial. The weak dollar has made the U.S. a shockingly cheap place to visit—at least for anyone with euros to spend. Last year, the number of German tourists to the U.S. was up 9 percent and is expected to increase even more this year. But it’s not just the low prices that attract Europeans: “It is also the prospect of a political change.” The Bush era is finally drawing to an end, and Europe is ready to forgive America for its warmongering, torture-promoting ways. “A dam is breaking right now,” said one tour promoter. “An intense longing for the U.S. has built up and is now finding an outlet.”

The French, too, are heading westward, said F.J. and B.M. in France’s Le Parisien