More than six years after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, intelligence officials estimate that only 30 percent of the country is under control of President Hamid Karzai’s government. About 10 percent of Afghanistan is controlled by a resurgent Taliban, while local tribal leaders reign supreme everywhere else.
The Philadelphia Inquirer

Some 55 percent of new mothers are back to work by the time their baby is 6 months old, the U.S. Census Bureau reported. Four decades ago, just 17 percent of working women were back on the job during the first year of their child’s life.
San Francisco Chronicle

For the first time in the nation’s history, more than one in 100 American adults, or 1.6 million people, are incarcerated, the Pew Center on the States reported. Both in absolute terms and on a per-capita basis, the U.S. imprisons more people than any other nation.
The New York Times

Rather than give up drinking or sweets for Lent, a growing number of Christians are using the 40-day season of repentance and prayer to reduce their carbon footprints. A church in Longmeadow, Mass., will use environmentally friendly “eco-palms” at its Palm Sunday services the Sunday before Easter.
The Boston Globe

While more than 12,000 Americans are shot to death each year, far more are wounded by guns. Nearly 53,000 people were treated in emergency rooms for gunshot wounds in 2006, the federal government reported.
Associated Press