What happened
Paris Hilton spent time over the weekend with a bearded guru, but TMZ.com reported that the man was actually not a spiritual guru but a Hollywood actor, Maxie Santillan, who has appeared in the sitcom My Name is Earl and the film Pirates of the Caribbean. (People.com)

What the commentators said
Hilton is apparently sick of not being taken seriously, said TheDailyGoss.com. She says the press won’t publicize her charity work, and doesn’t “know the real me.” Well, “if Paris wants to be taken seriously she should stop publicity stunts like getting papped with a spiritual guru” who “is actually a fake!”

Give her the benefit of the doubt, said TeamSugar.com. The “party-loving socialite” might very well be trying to “change her party-girl image”—she also “paid a visit to the Bodhi Tree Bookstore, where she bought a number of self-help books including one entitled The Path of the Painted Shaman.” So nobody can say for sure whether Santillan pulled “the robe over” Hilton’s “gullible eyes, or she simply hired him “as a publicity stunt.”

“Of course, being an actor does not disqualify him from being Hilton's spiritual guide,” said Sawf News, although at best Santillan is “not the usual kind of Buddhist monk.” His MySpace profile states, “Burbank can kiss my a**.”