What happened
Troubled soul singer Amy Winehouse—whose beehive hairdo, tattoos, and fondness for denim miniskirts has made her a fashion icon at 24—plans to launch a clothing and makeup line, the British Sun newspaper reported this week. (Access Hollywood via MSNBC)

What the commentators said
“Yikes!” said Monica Corcoran in the Los Angeles Times’ All the Rage blog. A makeup line to make you look like Amy Winehouse? “Hide your daughters!”

“Isn't it time that the people who sell clothes and cosmetics to young people thought about where to draw the line?” said Liz Jones in the London Daily Mail. It’s bad enough that young girls “who bewail the state of their bodies” have to look at runway models and think they have to be rail-thin to be happy. With Winehouse, a drug-addled mess, as their newest role model, girls will get the message that “however sordid your private life, you can still look beautiful on the outside, which is all that matters.”

“Forgive us,” said the British blog SoFeminine, “but we're not convinced it would take off . . . Amy's all-too-well-documented problems with drink and drug abuse have left her looking rather less than fresh of late, and she came in second on Richard Blackwell's 48th Annual Worst Dressed of 2007 list (the winner was Victoria Beckham).”