Chloë Sevigny is having trouble finding a place she can call home, says Michael Ruffino in BlackBook. For a while, the 33-year-old actress lived in gritty West Hollywood, where she was miserable. “I had these loud, obnoxious lesbian neighbors, who were always playing Trivial Pursuit,” she says, “yelling answers to each other out the window, screaming.” Her friends convinced her she needed something quieter and more secluded, so she rented a small house in nearby Los Feliz, at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains. But now she is dealing with a different kind of pest—the creepy-crawly variety. “The house is set into a hill, so I get all these weird underground insects. They come in from the walls.” She shudders as she tells of a particularly gruesome encounter. “One night I found this ... thing. It was in the bathroom and it was like something from a David Cronenberg movie, and huge—huge! I thought maybe an alien had stopped in and then gone into my bathroom to have a miscarriage.” So now she’s house hunting again. “I guess I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get a bigger place. God—the silverfish! All those little legs, flapping.”