What happened
Rapper Eminem, who starred in the semi-autobiographical movie 8 Mile, is currently writing a memoir entitled Eminem: The Way I Am, which will be released by Orion Books later this year. In addition to the artist’s life story, the book will include personal photographs, hand-drawn sketches, lyrics, and notes from his journal. (People.com)

What the commentators said

We know that Eminem is a “has-been rapper” and a “wannabe actor,” said the blog PerezHilton.com. But now he’s trying to be an “author,” too? Maybe this book would have been hot, like, “five years ago,” but not now. Here’s an idea, though: “The audio version of the book should be narrated by Elton John!”

“Never has a person dropped off the face of the Earth faster and harder than rapper Eminem,” said the blog Bodog Beat. What the hell happened to that guy? “Perhaps his upcoming tell-all book will help clear things up.”

Considering how controversial Eminem is, said Trixy Honoré in IAfrica.com, his book just might “burst onto the literary scene.” But the question is, “how long will it take before” Eminem “gets sued” over something he lets out in his memoir?