Boy George’s fiercest critic may be his own mother, says Neil McCormick in the London Telegraph. In 2005, while living in Manhattan, the flamboyant singer was arrested for cocaine possession. Sentenced to community service, he was forced to sweep streets in front of a horde of paparazzi. But then came the hardest part: He had to go home to England to face the wrath of his mother. “She is a real matriarch. The whole scene was like a Mafia movie: ‘Mum’s in the bedroom, go upstairs.’ She just sat there; she doesn’t have to say much. She’s the sort of person who can fill the whole house with sadness.” He said the worst part was the guilt he felt about disappointing her. “That was the thing that was most upsetting, because I knew she would be devastated.” Yet occasionally, George, 46, has mustered the strength to stand up to her. “She was having a go at me recently about a relationship that I was having that she decided wasn’t healthy. ‘Where’s it going?’ she said. I went, ‘Mom, Dad left you after 47 years. Where’s anything going?’ She slapped me really hard.”