Paul Karason has the blues—literally, says Champ Clark in People. For the last 14 years, the 57-year-old landscaper from Madera, Calif., has been following a controversial medical therapy that has slowly but surely turned his skin a dark shade of blue. Karason was suffering from various chronic ailments when he heard about colloidal silver, which has long been touted as a curative in alternative medicine circles but which is banned as a health remedy by the FDA. Regulators say that in large doses, colloidal silver­­—tiny silver particles suspended in liquid—can be toxic, while its health benefits have never been proved. But Karason credits the substance with vanquishing his acid reflux, sinusitis, and even the arthritis in his shoulder. The discoloration that has set in as the silver has built up in Karason’s skin tissue is a price he’s willing to pay—though he has had to develop ways to deal with the stares and constant questions. “Sometimes I tell people I’m from another planet,” he said. “Generally, though, a smile does a lot.” And as a fan of the paranormal and ancient myths, Karason said, being blue fits in nicely with his self-image. “I’ve always been a little weird. In a way, I take pleasure in being unique.”