Angels of Destruction!
(Yep Roc)


Marah might “impress more if they seemed less desperate,” said Jon Young in Spin. Over the past 10 years, brothers David and Serge Bielanko have been putting out “lesser copies of Bruce Springsteen’s epic melodramas.” On their seventh album, Angels of Destruction!, they’ve finally begun cultivating a sound of their own. Such progress would be admirable, except that Marah remains “hooked on excess,” which occasionally ruins songs like “Coughing Up Blood” and “Wild West Love Song” by “spewing apocalyptic images” and introducing overdone arrangements. Marah’s “manic energy” has always come across better live, said Clover Hope in Billboard. The Bielankos have learned how to channel the “edge-of-the-world chaos” from their live show, and that makes Angels their best album yet. The opener, “Coughing Up Blood,” sets a mood of “loss and joy.” “Angels on a Passing Train” is an upbeat song about anger. The tunes “take wing amid a glorious cacophony of guitars, brass, reeds, accordion, banjo, piano, clavinet, and more guitars,” said Brian Mansfield in USA Today. The brothers named their
band after a body of bitter water in Scrip­ture. Angels is a “rock-’n’-roll album of biblical proportions,” and Marah delivers it with the “wild-eyed fervor of a street-corner sermonizer.”