My Last Supper
by Melanie Dunea
(Bloomsbury, $39.95)

“You can learn a lot about people” by asking them what they’d eat for their final meal on earth, said Joel Stein in Time. That’s the idea behind a game that chefs play late at night when the customers have gone home, and it’s the conceit behind photographer Melanie Dunea’s enlightening new book. Fifty top chefs agreed to play along, and surprisingly few “piled on the caviar, foie gras, and truffles.” Simple comfort foods won the day; Jacques Pepin actually chose a hot dog. Dunea’s portraits capture Anthony Bourdain in the nude and Lidia Bastianich wearing fanciful pasta headwear, said Jennifer Leuzzi in The New York Sun. But neither the idiosyncratic images nor the recipes are the main draw. “The real appeal is the conversation,” the chance for a foodie to enjoy virtual tête-à-têtes with dozens of well-known chefs.