Sheryl Crow credits her favorite horse with helping to get her through her cancer crisis, says Claire Connors in Shape. Diagnosed last year with breast cancer, the 45-year-old Grammy-winning singer underwent a successful lumpectomy and seven weeks of radiation. Now cancer-free, Crow says she might not have gotten through it all without Sally, a Tennessee walker and one of 17 horses Crow keeps on her 154-acre ranch in Tennessee. “When I was first diagnosed, I had Sally flown to a stable in Santa Monica near where I was getting my treatments,” she says. “I literally would go from radiation in the mornings down to the stable to ride in the afternoons.” On some days, Crow was too weak to ride. “I’d just lie on her back or sit on her in her stall,” she says. “It’s a very spiritual relationship.” Crow says the mare helps her stay “in the moment,” describing their connection as telepathic. “When I’m in the saddle but my mind is somewhere else, my horse will let me know. It’s almost like she’s saying, ‘You’re here now with me, you’ve got nowhere else to be.’”