GOOD DAY FOR: Heaven and Earth, as Vatican City, with assistance from a Hungarian firm’s donation, will become the world’s first carbon-neutral state. Klimafa, a Hungarian carbon brokerage, will plant carbon-absorbing trees on a 37-acre swath of environmentally degraded land by the Tisza River. The newly renamed Vatican climate forest will absorb about $130,000 worth of carbon, based on current European carbon-market prices. (The New York Times, free registration required)

BAD DAY FOR: A healthy work ethic, as a bakery worker in Alberta, Canada, was fined about $1,000 for disregarding orders and showing up to work before fully recovering from salmonella. The bakery and its owner were also fined. “We almost never have people who disobey the order to stay off work,” said local health official Gerry Predy. (Reuters)