Last week's question: An online obituary in which a family described the deceased as a selfish, "abusive" man whose life served no "obvious purpose" recently went viral. If an entrepreneur were to start a company that provided brutally honest obituaries and eulogies, what would it be called?

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THE WINNER: "Screweulogies"
Douglas McCormick, New York City

SECOND PLACE: "R.I.P. Him To Shreds"
Peter Smith, Los Angeles

THIRD PLACE: "The Final Roasting Place"
Bruce Curley, Browerville, Minn.


Jason Kuller, Bethesda Md.

"Dearly Beloathed"
Gail Moloney, Morrison, Colo.

David Hart, Indianapolis

Tammy Ray, North Augusta, S.C.

Janine Witte, New Hope, Penn.

"The End Justifies the Mean"
Ping Eng, Monroe Township, N.J.

"Barely Beloved"
Bob Brendle, Sweet Home, Ore.

Linda Manuel, Stockton, N.J.

"Tell It Like It Was"
Helen Del Bene, Conn.

Roast in Peace"
John Tellers, Edmond, Okla.

"The Perished Not Cherished"
Tiffany West, Washington, Utah

"Infamous Last Words"
Arnie Silverman, Murrysville, Pa.

"Requiems for Reprobates"
Lee St. John, Newark, Ohio

James Doyle, Topsham Maine

"Final Disrespects"
Marc Turetzky, East Meadow, N.Y.

"The Not-So-Dearly Departed"
Tim Zagorc, Tampa, Fla.

"Son of Obituaries"
Ron Frank, Olympia, Wash.

Phyllis Klein, Forest Hills, N.Y.

"Gone But Not Forgiven"
Eric Burkhart, Berkeley, Calif.

"Last Gripes"
Kurt Roberts, Jericho, Vt.