Last week's question: New research has revealed that American men ages 21 to 30 worked 12 percent less hours in 2015 than they did in 2000, largely because they were spending more time playing video games. Please come up with the title of a self-help book for young men who want to put down the joypad and get back to work.

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THE WINNER: "Thinking Outside the Xbox"
Mark Chartier, Lyme, Conn.

SECOND PLACE: "From PlayStation to Workstation"
Lois Minter, Louisville, Ky.

THIRD PLACE: "Call of Duty: Real Life"
David Armstrong, New York City


"Wii Want to Work"
Patty Oberhausen, Fort Wayne, Ind.

"The World of Workcraft"
Fran McGivern, Chamblee, Ga.

Judy Clark, Somers, N.Y.

"Pokémon Go Get a Job"
Ky Dehlinger, Portland, Ore.

"Halo, Halo, It's off to Work I Go"
Chase Eyster, Ontario, Ohio

"Raise Your Game"
Lynne Dillingham, Columbia, Mo.

"Minecrafting a Resume"
Chaz Huber, Gettysburg, Pa.

"Wage Against the Machine"
Tim Fusco, Sewickley, Pa.

"Play to Pay"
Brad Henry, Fayetteville, Ark.

"Pokémon Go... Back to Work"
Rick Saupe, Richmond, Mass.

"Getting Ahead of the Pack, Man"
Ken Kellam III, Dallas

"From Joystick to Work Shtick"
Allen Smith, Boynton Beach, Fla.

Robyn Kupferman, Culver City, Calif.