If Google sees the light now, it could mean big gains for the company's future.

Can Google go 100 percent renewable?

"Eco-friendly" may not be as big of a draw as "delicious room service."

Customers don't care about green hotels

Coal-fired plants have yet to embrace carbon capture technology.

Why carbon capture technology hasn't taken off

More oil, more money, more problems.

North Dakota: Trouble in boomtown

Move over, Russia.

How the U.S. shale boom is dragging down Russia

Take it from this guy.

How to convince global warming skeptics

In China, it's coal as far as the eye can see.

China's newest environmental disaster

Hydraulic fracturing may be more dangerous than we thought.

Does fracking cause earthquakes?

Tesla's innovative cars are drawing crowds.

How Big Auto is responding to Tesla

The Model S has a low center of gravity that prevents roll-overs.

Tesla's Model S is the safest car ever

Small but powerful (and cheap).

Meet The Cube: The fuel cell of the future?

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