The Week: Most Recent Sports Posts recent posts.en-usSat, 15 Nov 2014 12:00:00 -0500http://theweek.com Recent Sports Posts from THE WEEKSat, 15 Nov 2014 12:00:00 -0500How low can marathon times go?<img src="" /></P><p><br /></p><p>The Conversation<br /></p><p>This fall, Dennis Kimetto set a new world record in the marathon, clocking 2:02:57 at Berlin. He is the first man to run those 26.2 miles in under 2:03 and his time sparked speculation about when the two-hour barrier for the marathon might fall. Just how fast can a human being run in an endurance race like this?</p><p><strong>The marathon's start</strong></p><p>The marathon is based on the legend of Philippides, a messenger who, the story goes, ran about 25 miles from the battlefield at Marathon to Athens in 490 BC. He announced a great Greek victory over the Persians and then promptly died. No word on his official time...</p> <a href="">More</a>By Michael JoynerSat, 15 Nov 2014 12:00:00 -0500Baseball's new secret to success: Don't strike out<img src="" /></P><p class="p1">The Kansas City Royals are not, as some have suggested, the future of baseball. They are a flawed team that squeaked into the playoffs with only 89 wins and a healthy bit of luck. They outperformed their expected record by five games, third-highest in the majors, and their offense rated out as 6 percent worse than the league average this year.</p><p class="p1">Yet the Royals are indeed on the forefront of a new baseball wave in one crucial respect: They refuse to strike out.</p><p class="p1">"Don't strike out" may seem like a facile maxim, as obvious a suggestion as telling a team to blast a bunch of homers. Yet in baseball's...</p> <a href="">More</a>By <a href="/author/jon-terbush" ><span class="byline">Jon Terbush</span></a>Wed, 22 Oct 2014 06:10:00 -0400The addictive ecstasy of a good mixed martial arts fight<img src="" /></P><p class="p1">The fight book of our generation has landed. And that's no small thing. Sport-fighting has always attracted some of the best writers. Homer wrote beautifully on a fight between Epeios and and Euryalos in <em>The Iliad</em>. William Hazlitt's 1822 account of a fight includes this very contemporary-feeling description:</p><p >By this time they had stripped, and presented a strong contrast in appearance. If Neate was like Ajax, "with Atlantean shoulders, fit to bear" the pugilistic reputation of all Bristol, Hickman might be compared to Diomed, light, vigorous, elastic, and his back glistened in the sun, as he moved...</p> <a href="">More</a>By <a href="/author/michael-brendan-dougherty" ><span class="byline">Michael Brendan Dougherty</span></a>Tue, 21 Oct 2014 06:07:00 -0400Why you should absolutely watch this confounding, wonderful World Series<img src="" /></P><p class="p1">The pairing of teams in the World Series beginning Tuesday night is both improbable and delightful &mdash; like a foul ball bouncing perfectly into your beer cup. It's not what you expected, but it's time to chug anyway. And you'll be glad you did.</p><p class="p1">The scrappy San Francisco Giants overcame a string of injuries, the decline of some of their best pitchers from the last half decade, their division rival Los Angeles Dodgers' massive payroll, and then, in the National League Championship Series, the terrifying St. Louis Cardinals to take the National League pennant for the third time in five years...</p> <a href="">More</a>By <a href="/author/michael-brendan-dougherty" ><span class="byline">Michael Brendan Dougherty</span></a>Mon, 20 Oct 2014 06:06:00 -0400The best football stadium food in America<img src="" /></P><p><br /></p><p>The average football game lasts three hours, ten minutes. Within that span of time, there will be a flurry of penalties and television timeouts, as well as the general halting that's built into the game. It's also a long time to go without eating.</p><p>(<strong>More from <em>Tasting Table</em>: </strong>Fowl play)</p><p>Should you find yourself in the stands of any of these stadiums, tear yourself away the next time your team gets a first down and hightail it to one of these concessions stands, at which big-name chefs have eschewed standard stadium fare for the signature dishes that made them famous.</p><p><strong>FirstEnergy Stadium (Cleveland...</strong></p> <a href="">More</a>By Jillian KingSun, 19 Oct 2014 12:00:00 -0400How Bill Simmons' unjust suspension exposes America's toxic Football Industrial Complex<img src="" /></P><p class="p1">On Wednesday, ESPN suspended Bill Simmons for saying out loud what ESPN's own reporting had already confirmed.</p><p class="p1">The <em>Grantland</em> editor &mdash; who is probably ESPN's most valuable commentator &mdash; called NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a "liar" in an expletive-filled tirade on his popular podcast Monday. Simmons was blasting increasingly implausible NFL claims that Goodell had not seen or been aware of horrifying video of star running back Ray Rice punching his wife in the face before giving the former Baltimore Raven a meager two-game suspension. Indeed, Simmons' broadside against Goodell came...</p> <a href="">More</a>By <a href="/author/jon-terbush" ><span class="byline">Jon Terbush</span></a>Thu, 25 Sep 2014 13:40:00 -04004 cool tech innovations that could revolutionize sports<img src="" /></P><p><strong>1. Smart basketball court</strong></p><p ><br /><br />(<em></em>)</p><p>Sometimes, the best way to learn something is by combining your own experiences with the experiences of others. A basketball court in Shanghai called The House of Mamba &mdash; named after Kobe "Black Mamba" Bryant &mdash; applies that principle to the sport with the help of cutting-edge technology.</p><p>The House of Mamba is a smart basketball court developed by tech company AKQA and Nike. It has a floor that lights up to guide players through expertly designed training programs. The court is comprised of LED screens, sensors, and motion-tracking devices...</p> <a href="">More</a>By <a href="/author/michelle-castillo" ><span class="byline">Michelle Castillo</span></a>Fri, 19 Sep 2014 14:15:00 -0400Adrian Peterson and our misguided debate about spanking<img src="" /></P><p class="p1">In May, Adrian Peterson beat his 4-year-old son with a tree branch, according to a police report that cites Peterson's own testimony. He hit his son so badly that it left open wounds and welts on the boy's back, legs, buttocks, and scrotum. The beating was so vicious that the star running back then texted the child's mother &mdash; the two are not married &mdash; and confessed she would probably be mad because he "got kinda good wit the tail end of the switch."</p><p class="p1">What Adrian Peterson did not do, however, was spank his child.</p><p class="p1">And yet, much of the ensuing debate over the incident has sadly devolved...</p> <a href="">More</a>By <a href="/author/jon-terbush" ><span class="byline">Jon Terbush</span></a>Fri, 19 Sep 2014 06:09:00 -0400On Ray Rice, the NFL should not be the final arbiter of moral justice<img src="" /></P><p class="p1">Ray Rice will not play in the NFL for the foreseeable future. But make no mistake: It's not because he beat his wife, but because the NFL is afraid of losing money.</p><p class="p1">The league on Monday suspended Rice indefinitely after <em>TMZ</em> released a video showing him knocking his then-fianc&eacute;e (now his wife), Janay Palmer, unconscious in an Atlantic City elevator in February. The punishment came after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's much-maligned decision to initially ban Rice a meager two games, a decision so tone-deaf Goodell later apologized and announced harsher punishments for future perpetrators...</p> <a href="">More</a>By <a href="/author/jon-terbush" ><span class="byline">Jon Terbush</span></a>Tue, 09 Sep 2014 06:12:00 -0400The need for speed<img src="" /></P><p class="p1"><strong><span class="s1">DANNY THOMPSON </span></strong><strong><span class="s1">IS </span></strong>trying to become the fastest driver of a piston-engine car, just like his dad, Mickey Thompson.</p><p class="p2"><span class="s1">When the temperature dances around the century mark and the horizon shimmers over the Utah desert at Mike Cook's Bonneville Shootout, beginning Sept. 12, Danny Thompson will squeeze into the "cigar on four wheels" that he has rebuilt by hand and rage across the desert floor faster than a 747 at takeoff.</span></p><p class="p2"><span class="s1">When his turn comes, he will lie almost flat, his body mere inches from the earth, in a space the size of a coffin. He will see blinding white light ahead, noxious fumes will tease...</span></p> <a href="">More</a>By Ann O'NeillSun, 07 Sep 2014 12:00:00 -0400