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And just as Scotland ended up in union with England for economic reasons, economic incentives are important factors for why many Scots will vote "yes" to independence in a...</p> <a href="">More</a>By <a href="/author/john-aziz" ><span class="byline">John Aziz</span></a>Mon, 01 Sep 2014 08:01:00 -040010 things you need to know today: August 31, 2014<img src="" /></P><p><strong>1. China denies open elections for Hong Kong</strong><br />China's legislature on Sunday ruled out the possibility of holding open nominations to elect Hong Kong's new leader, a shocking move that could precipitate a deepening divide between the city and the mainland. The restrictions, outlined by the National People's Congress Standing Committee, would allow for the first direct election in Hong Kong in two years. Yet prospective candidates would first need to be approved by Beijing, leaving China with a crucial role in determining who would and would not be allowed to lead. "It's certain now that the central...</p> <a href="">More</a>By <a href="/author/jon-terbush" ><span class="byline">Jon Terbush</span></a>Sun, 31 Aug 2014 10:36:00 -040010 things you need to know today: August 30, 2014<img src="" /></P><p><strong>1. United Kingdom raises terror threat level to 'highly likely'</strong><br />Citing the influx of foreign fighters to Iraq and Syria, the United Kingdom raised its terror threat level to "highly likely," the country's second-highest level, on Friday. Officials have voiced concerns over the hundreds of British jihadists who have traveled to Syria and Iraq &mdash; more than half of whom are suspected to have now returned to the U.K. and could be planning attacks on the West. "We face a real and serious threat from international terrorism," Home Secretary Theresa May said. "I urge the public to remain vigilant...</p> <a href="">More</a>By <a href="/author/sarah-eberspacher" ><span class="byline">Sarah Eberspacher</span></a>Sat, 30 Aug 2014 10:53:00 -0400The week's best editorial cartoons<img src="" /></P><p ><br /><br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /> <br /><strong>**See more cartoons**</strong></p> <a href="">More</a>By The Week StaffFri, 29 Aug 2014 15:00:00 -0400The week's best photojournalism<img src="" /></P><p ><br /> Spook a Little, ridden by Britain's Josh Collins, competes at the World Equestrian Games, at the d'Ornano stadium in Caen, France. | (<em>REUTERS/Regis Duvignau</em>)</p><p ><br /><br /> <br />A swimmer topples through "The Wedge" wave break in Newport Beach, California. | (<em>REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson</em>)</p><p ><br /><br /> <br />Participants toss placards into the air after attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the "Largest Human National Flag," in Kathmandu. | (<em>REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar</em>)</p><p ><br /><br /> <br />Michael Brown, Sr. mourns over his son's casket at St. Peter's Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri. | (<em>REUTERS/Richard Perry/Pool</em>)</p><p ><br /><br /> <br />Karate kids practice their...</p> <a href="">More</a>By <a href="/author/sarah-eberspacher" ><span class="byline">Sarah Eberspacher</span></a> and <a href="/author/lauren-hansen" ><span class="byline">Lauren Hansen</span></a>Fri, 29 Aug 2014 13:26:00 -0400What Obama must do to beat ISIS<img src="" /></P><p><br /></p><p>It appears inevitable: The U.S. is preparing to expand its military campaign against ISIS from Iraq into Syria, where the extremist movement birthed its proto-state.</p><p>U.S. officials have argued that ISIS is an "imminent threat" to U.S. interests. In my trips to Gaziantep, Turkey, where many Syrian activists have been sheltering, I heard laments of their violent tyranny and vociferous calls for Western intervention.</p><p>Despite the very real ISIS problem, military action against the movement in Syria presents a far more complicated case than Iraq. Rushing to war without adequately shaping a strategy...</p> <a href="">More</a>By Leila HilalFri, 29 Aug 2014 09:15:00 -0400How China sparked an Asian frenzy for killer submarines<img src="" /></P><p><br /></p><p class="graf--p graf--first">In early January, the heavylift ship <em>Rolldock Sea</em> entered the Vietnamese port of Cam Ranh Bay towing a submarine. The sub, <em>HQ-182</em>, is a Russian-made <em>Improved</em><em> Kilo</em>-class boat, one of six ordered by the Vietnamese navy in 2009.</p><p class="p1"><em>HQ-182</em>, also known as the <em>Hanoi</em>, is Vietnam's first submarine.</p><p class="p1">Displacing 4,000 tons underwater, the diesel-powered <em>Kilo</em>s have six tubes for launching guided torpedoes or supersonic <span class="s1">SS-N-27 "Klub" anti-ship missiles</span>. So quiet that they're called "black holes" by the U.S. Navy, the subs can sit silently off Vietnam's coast, waiting to intercept and sink any attackers. The...</p> <a href="">More</a>By Kyle MizokamiFri, 29 Aug 2014 09:07:00 -040010 things you need to know today: August 29, 2014<img src="" /></P><p><strong>1. Russian sends tanks into Ukraine</strong><br />NATO confirmed Ukrainian government reports that two columns of Russian tanks and troops had invaded southern Ukraine, seizing a strategic town on the way to Crimea, a region annexed by Moscow in March. Ukrainian border guards fled their posts as the armored forces crossed into the country. The intelligence gathered by the Western military alliance was supported by claims made by a Russian-supported separatist leader that at least 3,000 Russian gunmen were fighting alongside Ukrainian rebels. [<em>Los Angeles Times</em>]</p><p >&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip...</p> <a href="">More</a>By <a href="/author/harold-maass" ><span class="byline">Harold Maass</span></a>Fri, 29 Aug 2014 07:59:00 -0400Why the West should let Russia have eastern Ukraine<img src="" /></P><p>Putin's Russia seems to have finally launched its bona fide invasion of Ukraine. And many righteously indignant American lawmakers will surely be eager to try to stop Russia (not at any cost), or at least punish it for doing something reprehensible. Ukraine is a sovereign country, and invading sovereign countries is bad (you know, unless you are the United States).</p><p>But this thinking misses a crucial dimension of the problem.<br /><br />America has a blind spot when it comes to nationhood. America's implicit theory of humans seems to be that as long as they get "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...</p> <a href="">More</a>By <a href="/author/pascal-emmanuel-gobry" ><span class="byline">Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry</span></a>Fri, 29 Aug 2014 06:09:00 -0400Why the West should accept ISIS as a sovereign nation<img src="" /></P><p>Everybody is worried about the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and nobody really knows exactly how to contain and reduce the threat from the demonstrably bloody and probably genocidal Islamist militia.</p><p>In a few short months, ISIS swept into Iraq from Syria and captured a huge chunk of the country, in the process racking up a sizable cache of U.S.-made weapons, hundreds of millions of dollars in booty, and shockingly powerful momentum. Kurdish peshmerga troops and Iraqi special forces, with a big assist from U.S. air power, seemed to have stopped that momentum, at least for now. Allies are coming...</p> <a href="">More</a>By <a href="/author/peter-weber" ><span class="byline">Peter Weber</span></a>Thu, 28 Aug 2014 09:30:00 -0400