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Watch The Daily Show shame states that rejected Medicaid expansion

On Thursday night's Daily Show, Al Madrigal politely lambasted the 19 states that rejected expanded Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Specifically, he tackled one of the states, South Carolina. For the argument in favor of rejecting ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion, he turned to Ashley Landess, president of the South Carolina Policy Council. She admitted her position isn't terribly popular, but said it's necessary because of the national debt.

For the other side, Madrigal spoke with Dr. Harry Heiman of the Satcher Health Leadership Institute. And then he talked with people who would have benefited from Medicaid expansion. This is where the segment turns from normal Daily Show mockery to advocacy: At one point, Madrigal made his point by having the Medicaid-wanters wear happy masks. In case you didn't get his point, the final faux anti-Medicaid ad at the end hits it home. --Peter Weber

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