• Finally    March 6 
Oscar Mayer is such a tease when it comes to bacon

Coming to a nightstand near you: Oscar Mayer presents an app and iPhone dongle sure to make you wake up and smell the bacon.

Available only through a contest on the company's website, bacon enthusiasts can try to win one of the limited-edition dongles, which release the sizzling scent as a user's iPhone alarm sounds. The brainchild of Oscar Mayer's Institute for the Advancement of Bacon (which is an actual thing), the contest is all in good fun, as evidenced by the breathless, overdramatic video, below.

"Embrace the sizzle," says our bearded narrator in hushed tones. "At darkest midnight, the nostril's North Star awaits you!"

If only Michael Scott had been able to enter such a contest, perhaps the tragic George Foreman grill accident could have been averted. --Sarah Eberspacher

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