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This week's real-life Portlandia moment: 'Hostile' cat traps family in bedroom

Some nights, you're just relaxing at home in Portland, hanging out with your baby and family dog, and then the next thing you know, bam! Everyone's locked in the bedroom, held hostage by Lux, your "hostile," 22-pound Himalayan cat.

What to do? Lee Palmer called 911 and asked the dispatcher to send help.

"He's trying to attack us," Palmer told the dispatcher. "He's at our door; he's charging us."

Lux had scratched Palmer's 7-month-old son, and the cat's owner said the Himalayan has a "history of violence."

Police did indeed come to the rescue, using a dog snare to take down Lux. You can listen to the 911 call via The Oregonian. --Sarah Eberspacher

Lux. | (AP Photo/Lee Palmer)

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