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Catch up on 10 hours of Game of Thrones in just 25 minutes

It's Sunday, April 6, and you have a serious problem. You're going to a viewing party for the premiere of Game of Thrones' fourth season — but you never actually found the time to catch up on season three. Do you fast-forward your way through 10 hours of episodes and see what you can absorb? Skim George R.R. Martin's literary source material and hope for the best? Wing it, and nod sagely when everybody starts rambling about the Red Wedding?

Thanks to HBO, you have a much better option: Watching this extremely helpful recap video, which boils the season's 10 hours of complicated, intricate plotting into a surprisingly digestible 25 minutes. Hit play, and relive the highlights from Game of Thrones' third season with the help of the show's sprawling cast. --Scott Meslow

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