• Kids these days    March 17 
These super-hip millennials want you to vote Republican, because #responsibility

Have you ever been at a coffee shop, probably working on a new screenplay, and thought to yourself, "Man, this Americano is tight — but it would be better with less bureaucratic waste and more free market principles"? Or maybe you've been out partying for the night with some buds when you suddenly realized that "YOLO" and "traditional family values" aren't mutually exclusive.

If thoughts like these have crossed your mind, then the Republican Party wants you to know it's the party for you. To wit, the Republican National Committee is out with a new ad campaign featuring some rad young millennials just like you explaining why they're Republicans. (Sample monologue: "I'm a Republican because my friends need a paycheck, not an empty promise.")

But don't take my word for it. Here, let these young Republicans tell you how cool the GOP really is. --Jon Terbush

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