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Commissioner: Ads on NBA jerseys 'inevitable' within five years
Patrick McDermott/Getty Images
Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

NBA jerseys are soon going to closely resemble a NASCAR uniform. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said today it's "inevitable" that the league's uniforms are going to be plastered with several corporate logos within the next five years.

Several of the league's major sponsors, like Coca-Cola, Samsung, and State Farm, have expressed interest in placing their logos on players' jerseys. Since this practice is common in the British Premier League, NASCAR, and international soccer leagues, Silver argued that fans are already used to it. "I think it's going to become more acceptable and more commonplace," he told Ad Age.

Of course, the initiative could offer the NBA another hefty revenue stream: A 2011 estimate said it could bring $100 million in new ad revenue to the league. But will there be fan mutiny? Only time will tell.

- - Jordan Valinsky
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