• Glorious Leader    May 15 
Help Kim Jong-un incinerate capitalist scum in this arcade-style video game

When he's not threatening to conduct a "new form" of nuclear test, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is blowing up American tanks and riding narwhals over floating minefields. Or at least that's how Kim spends his time in teaser shots from the forthcoming retro side-scrolling game, Glorious Leader!

Moneyhorse Games claims to be developing the game for release later this year. Yet given that the company's website is empty save for mentions of this one game, and that its Twitter account and Facebook pages are brand spanking new — both went up in the past couple of weeks — I'm a bit suspicious the game is legit and not just a marketing stunt for something else. (Hi, Jimmy Kimmel?)

Yet even if Glorious Leader! never becomes a real game, we'll at least have this fun trailer of a pixelated Kim going full Contra on his foes. --Jon Terbush

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