• #FASTFOODGLOBAL    May 15 
Thousands of fast-food workers are striking in protest of low wages

Your fast food might not be so fast today, as thousands of fast-food workers are walking off their jobs in protest of their low wages. Employees of McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, and KFC in 33 countries are banding together to demand a pay increase to $15 per hour and the right to form an union.

Fast food workers are commonly paid minimum wage, which ranges from $7 to $9 per hour depending on the state. Strikers, who are all wearing the same t-shirt embossed with the #FastFoodGlobal hashtag, hope the one-day protest nudges the chains to increase their pay away from poverty-line levels.

USA Today reports no violence has been reported and the companies effected said customer service will remain a "top priority" throughout the day. --Jordan Valinsky

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