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Leather-clad, semi-toothless biker steals the show in Idaho gubernatorial debate

The above headline may be untrue, but only because a home-schoolin', anti-abortion crusader who looks like an 1800s gold prospector was also part of the debate. Bear with me.

Three candidates are challenging incumbent Gov. C.L. Butch Otter (R) in a GOP primary, including state Sen. Russ Fulcher. The other two challengers are — let's just say their credentials aren't quite so impressive; The Associated Press describes them as "colorful outliers."

First, there's Walt Bayes, a frequent candidate whose primary reason for running is to stop abortions. His second priority: Telling the feds that "wolves are flat not interstate commerce."

Then there's the aptly-named Harley Brown, a "former stand-up comic and stag party master-of-ceremonies" whose campaign website appears to have traveled forward in time from 1996 to impart such "Harleyisms" as "Democrats piss me off" and "God, how I wish we had picked our own cotton." (Understandably, debate moderators instituted a 30-second delay, just in case.)

Did I mention that Brown thinks God told him he will be president? Brown thinks God told him he will be president.

The debate did not fail to disappoint. --Jon Terbush

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