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What U.S. cities will look like if sea levels rise 12 feet

Last week you may remember news that scientists have discovered that a big chunk of the West Antarctica ice sheet has been irrevocably destabilized. It's going to slowly melt into the ocean, raising worldwide sea levels by about four feet over the next decades and centuries. If the whole sheet goes, it would raise sea levels by about 10-13 feet.

So folks over at Climate Central handed data they had collected about coastal mapping to an artist named Nickolay Lamm, who made some amazingly realistic pictures (published below with permission) of what famous cities would look like if the sea level rose by 12 feet.

Here's the Jefferson Memorial:

Here's Ocean Drive in Miami:

Here's AT&T Park in San Francisco:

Start practicing your sandbag shoveling! For the rest, head over to Climate Central.

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