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Watch a shirtless jogger yell at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford during a local parade

Scandal-plagued Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, after having returned just this week from a two-month stay in rehab, also arrived back on the campaign hustings Tuesday, walking in a local parade in Toronto's East York area for the big Canada Day holiday — only to be confronted by a multitude of hecklers. And without a doubt, the most memorable of them was a very irate resident who had been out jogging with no shirt on.

The jogger, reportedly a Toronto-area teacher named Joe Killoran, yelled out at Ford for refusing to answer reporters' questions, either during his press conference on Monday or during the parade. "Answer the questions! People have a million questions about your lying, your corruption," shouted Killoran. "You're a corrupt, lying, racist, homophobe! Answer the people's questions! You liar, you racist. You're a disgrace."

As Killoran continued to rail against Ford, somebody from off-camera asked Killoran, which rival campaign for mayor was he with?

"None! I'm not with a campaign! You go ahead and check," he said, followed by another reply from off-camera. To which he responded: "I'm out for a jog, buddy! Do I look like I'm with a campaign?!? I'm an East York guy out for a jog."

Canadian outlet Global News reports that Ford left the parade early, after the barrage of taunts from various onlookers. Check out their video below. --Eric Kleefeld

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