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Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy team up in the heartwarming St. Vincent trailer

Though Bill Murray has turned up in supporting roles in films like The Monuments Men and The Grand Budapest Hotel — and crashed numerous engagement photos and bachelor parties, to the delight of the internet — St. Vincent is his first starring role since 2012's Hyde Park on Hudson, and he's clearly making the most of it.

Murray stars in St. Vincent as a cynical, solitary man whose life is shaken up when a new neighbor (Melissa McCarthy) turns up next door with her son. McCarthy says she'll pay Murray $11 an hour if he watches her son after school, and an unlikely bond eventually forms between the awkward kid and the irascible older man as they go to bars and horse races together.

It's a fairly clichéd setup for a comedy — but based on the strength of the cast and this funny, heartwarming trailer, St. Vincent is worth keeping an eye on when it arrives in October. --Scott Meslow

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