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This Game of Thrones-themed wedding was ridiculously authentic (except no one got murdered)

Here's a question sure to strike at the heart of any Game of Thrones fan: If you were offered an all-expenses-paid, ridiculously authentic Game of Thrones-themed wedding, would you take it? Despite the series' well-documented history of weddings that turn into bloodbaths, hundreds of people applied for the opportunity — but from all those brave souls, only one couple was selected.

In a move sure to make fan-fiction writers across the globe swoon, the bride was dressed up as Daenerys Targaryen, and the groom was dressed up as Jon Snow. The wedding took place at a massive castle, and the rest of the wedding party was made up as characters like Ygritte, Melisandre, Khal Drogo, and Hodor. There were even a pair of direwolves (but alas, no dragons).

Watch a video of the happy occasion below, but try not to yawn too much — last I heard, a Game of Thrones wedding without at least three deaths was considered a dull affair. --Scott Meslow

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