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Dem Sen. Mark Begich: 'I'm a total thorn' in Obama's butt
Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Alaska Senator Mark Begich (D) has a message for his constituents: Re-elect me, and I'll keep being a pain in President Obama's butt. From The Washington Post:

When Sen. Mark Begich talks about his role in American politics, he describes himself as a sharp object, sent to Washington to jab at President Obama.

"I'll be a thorn in his [posterior]," Begich (D-Alaska) said in an interview. "There's times when I'm a total thorn, you know, and he doesn't appreciate it." [Washington Post]

Begich finds himself in the unenviable position of being a red-state Democratic incumbent in a year when neither incumbents nor President Obama are very popular. (The latest New York Times forecast gives him a 49 percent chance of returning to Washington next year.) Which explains why, in an attempt save his own seat, he's talking openly about pricking Obama in his.

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