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Get a rare new look at Marilyn Monroe with these never-before-seen photographs

Pictures of Marilyn Monroe often seem so ubiquitous, you have to wonder: Is there really a side to the original blond bombshell that we haven't already seen?

Los Angeles-based Limited Runs thinks so. The online purveyor of rare prints has gathered a fascinating collection of 38 previously unpublished images of the starlet formerly known as Norma Jeane Mortenson. The photos in MARILYN MONROE: The Lost Photographs of a Hollywood Star, come from five lensmen who "stepped into the icon's life at the right place, and the right time," the site notes.

They included: Allan "Whitey" Snyder, who worked as Monroe's personal make-up artist; Milton H. Greene, who became Monroe's "official photographer"; Lani Carlson, an early paparazzo; Thomas "Doc" Kaminski, a documentary filmmaker; and Los Angeles-based photographer Mischa Pelz.

The collection of course includes typically classic shots of Monroe in all her seductive glory, but it also gives viewers a glimpse behind the public persona, in more unguarded, impromptu moments. Check out a sampling of the collection, below, view it through July 26 at New York City's SUMO Gallery, and peruse all 38 of the prints for purchase via Limited Runs' website. --Sarah Eberspacher

(Allan "Whitey" Snyder /

(Allan "Whitey" Snyder /

(Allan "Whitey" Snyder /

(Lani Carlson /

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