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Hillary Clinton on Russia: 'The reset worked'
Adam Berry/Getty Images
Adam Berry/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton on Thursday defended her infamous "reset" moment with Moscow, saying in an interview with NPR that it "worked."

"What I think I demonstrate in the book, is that the reset worked," Clinton said on NPR's On Point. "It was an effort to try to obtain Russian cooperation on some key objectives while [Dmitry] Medvedev was president."

Clinton cited the 2009 New START treaty — a nuclear arms reduction deal between the U.S. and Russia —and increased sanctions on Iran as examples of how the restart went well. Still, given that Russia annexed Crimea and propped up a rebel force in Ukraine accused of downing a civilian plane, some would quibble that the reset has on the whole been a mistake. Republicans have repeatedly dinged the former secretary of state for that alleged gaffe, with Mitt Romney saying the symbolic reset button should have instead been called a "repeat" button.

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