• meanwhile, in the middle east    July 25 
Striking images show increasing tension in the Gaza Strip

Protests in the West Bank continued Friday as Palestinians protested Israel's military actions in Gaza. The New York Times reports that at least five Palestinians were killed "in clashes with Israeli security forces," noting that the total Palestinian death toll is more than 800 after 18 days of fighting.

Palestinian protesters, who declared Friday a "day of rage," gathered in the West Bank. A spokesperson for the Israeli police told the Times that there were "sporadic disturbances" in East Jerusalem neighborhoods Friday. On Thursday night, a fight between Israeli security and youth protesters resulted in the death of a Palestinian teenager, Muhammad al-Araj. His funeral on Friday drew a crowd of thousands.

The images below, captured near Ramallah, West Bank, provide a glimpse into the current conflict. --Meghan DeMaria

The body of Mohammed al-Araj is carried to a cemetery.
(Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Palestinian supporters of Hamas clash with Israel's security forces.
(Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Palestinian supporters of Hamas run for shelter from Israel's security forces.
(Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

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