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Sarah Palin launches online, subscription-based channel
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If you have $9.95 and the urge to listen to Sarah Palin talk about the issues of the day, then congratulations, your dream came true Sunday when the former governor launched the online Sarah Palin Channel.

On the video greeting visitors to her new subscription-based site, Palin promises her new venture (which is a "news channel that's a lot more than news") will "cut through the soundbites" and "find solutions" for the "problems confronting America." Some videos will feature special guests, while others will give viewers a look at the daily life of the Palin family. One added bonus is the opportunity to ask Palin "anything" during regular video chats.

It's not just videos, though. The Sarah Palin Channel also features a Word of the Day (Sunday's is "rectitude"), a Quote of the Day, and an Image of the Day. There's a ticker that shows the national debt, and another with the days left in President Obama's term. To leave comments, a person must be a member of the community, but there is a free trial available to see if it's worth it before shelling out $9.95 (or $99.95 for a year).

- - Catherine Garcia
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