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'Deer urine farmers' are a real thing, and 25 other strange occupations

Mashable Minute host Elliott Morgan steps in to guest host our sister site Mental Floss' video this week, which details strange occupations.

Unsurprisingly, ice cream taste testers made the list — but did you know each taste tester might sample a pint of ice cream in an average day? That sounds a lot better than being a dog food tester, which is apparently also a human job — dog food testers monitor the food for "quality control."

Other odd jobs include Hazmat divers, who swim through sewage, and "professional RC vehicle racers," who test the remote-controlled cars. The oddest odd job, though, might be that of "deer urine farmers," who "collect and sell undiluted whitetail pee." Apparently, deer pee is useful in hunting, and each deer can earn a farmer more than $90,000 a year.

Watch the full video below. --Meghan DeMaria

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